Gold Green Real Estate Accredited “Top 100 Green Real Estate Enterprises in China”
Create Date : 2016-03-21


Initiated by Green Habitation (Beijing) Urban Planning and Design Institute, 2015 Green Habitation Award was announced in Beijing. Fujian Gold Green Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., a company having specialized in green real estate development for over ten years at the core idea of“gold quality and green life”, was accredited one of the“Top 100 Green Real Estate Enterprises in China”.  

As introduced by Li Hongsheng, President of Green Habitation (Beijing) Urban Planning and Design Institute and Vice Chairman & Secretary General of China Green Real Estate Association, Green Habitation Award is designed to advocate green habitation, guide eco-civilization, draw more people's attention to human settlement construction, and urge more enterprises to value green development. China is earnestly practicing the mode of green development and innovative development. We are obliged to safeguard and lead the imagination about green life. With the demonstration effect of Green Habitation Award winners, more enterprises will be acquainted with the concept of resources conservation and environmental protection. By means of scientific management, technical transformation and behavior guidance, various energy consumptions will be effectively reduced, and economic, social and environmental benefits will be unified. Hence, these enterprises will get actively involved in the construction of beautiful China. 

As a practitioner of green real estate development in China, for the past years, Gold Green Real Estate has been devoted to creating breathing eco-spaces for mankind and building sustainable green communities. In Zhangpu, Zhangzhou, Fujian, following the development concept of green real estate and the planning concept of“top ten pioneers”, Gold Green Real Estate develops the unique 1.8 times ultralow plot ratio in Zhangpu, thus providing owners with an ecological green dwelling space with more green space, wider building distance, more sunshine and fresh air. In the ecological core district of Baicheng, Jilin, cherishing the development concept of sustainable ecological, the planned ultralow plot ratio of 1.0 and the ecological house type spatial design of short depth and large face width accomplish an international-level eco-complex integrating high-end residences, star hotels, upscale offices, characteristic apartments and business streets. 

In the future, Gold Green Real Estate will, building upon green real estate development, incorporate the development concept of eco-industry linage operation, introduce the mode of“multi-industry linkage and sustainable development”into project development, combine ecological technology, environmental friendly technology and green service, integrate ecological green real estate, leisure, tourism, urban old-age care and ecological health maintenance industries, and establish a sustainable eco-industry linkage complex, so as to lead Chinese eco-industry linkage operators and contribute to the construction of beautiful China and environment-friendly China. 

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